Welcome to ENERGY STAR's Developer Resources Page!

Important Update!
We recently updated our API documentation pages. If you were redirected here from a previously-saved documentation page, check out "How do I access an API?" to learn how to get the newest documentation. All API endpoints will continue to work.
Did you know that every dataset on data.energystar.gov has an API endpoint? Find everything you need here to hatch your most creative and powerful ideas, and use it to build your next mash-up for innovation.

Getting Started with SODA

So you want to win that hackathon or build the next hot open data app? Follow the Getting Started guide for App Developers at dev.socrata.com to get yourself started. Learn about finding the API endpoint, building filters and queries, and getting set up with an App Token.

API Documentation

Ready to start coding? Every dataset has it's own API documentation page accessible from the dataset page.

ENERGY STAR Essentials

Learn more about ENERGY STAR and what products are included in these datasets. If you are interested in creating an app with the open data on this site, sign up for updates regarding changes to datasets.

How do I access an API?

Every dataset has an API endpoint that can be found under "Export." If you need help getting started, click on the API Docs button for any dataset to be taken to custom documentation for that dataset. Check out an example here.